Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

My name is Doug Holloway and I offer you the best carpet and upholstery cleaning in the Essex, Billericay, Brentwood, Shenfield and Hutton areas, all at reasonable rates. I can guarantee you my personal attention and stain removal skills , which come from over 25 years of cleaning carpets and upholstery and 8 years previously as an industrial chemist and technical manager. The services we offer include; Carpet Cleaning using Hot Water Extraction, often called deep steam carpet cleaning. We have a van mounted machine (Truckmount) which gives you the very best cleaning results with fast drying times, so you can use your carpets and upholstery soon after cleaning. This machine was a 15K investment, it produces excellent cleaning results and the carpets and upholstery are left much drier too. Landlords like Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning because they know it is the best and that you have left your carpets and upholstery in the best condition possible. It is also very effective on rugs where the extra power removes the deep down dirt. We have recently been carrying out a lot of stain removal, where our chemistry knowledge allows us to remove most stains although some will be permanent.

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Dry 60 Carpet Cleaning

Do you want your carpets clean and dry in 60 minutes? We can offer you a really top quality dry carpet cleaning service which is also eco-friendly, using a very green carpet cleaning method. This will leave your carpets looking much fresher and cleaner and they will be dry to walk on in 60 minutes. We are the No. 1 Dry carpet cleaning company in Essex, offering you a very effective dry carpet clean at a competitive price. Established in 1989, we have been dry cleaning carpets for many years in Essex, Kent, London, Suffolk and Herts. Dry cleaning of carpets should not be confused with the dry cleaning method of clothes where hydrocarbon solvents are used. It is much healthier and greener as no dangerous chemicals are used in the clean. Dry carpet cleaning means you can use your carpets immediately after cleaning and there is no risk of shrinkage , split seams, colour run, mildew or any of the other problems sometimes associated with wet carpet cleaning.

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Sofa and Chair Cleaning

Sofas, chairs, and other furniture can all be cleaned to a high standard. I have cleaned over 5000 sofas and suites. We have recently carried out extensive office chair cleaning where the clients, who are used to office contract cleaners cleaning the chairs, have been very pleasantly surprised by the quality which we achieve.

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Welcome to 1st 4 carpet Cleaning

My name is Doug Holloway and I have been cleaning carpets and upholstery in Essex and London for almost 30 years. We have cleaned millions of square metres of carpet and many thousands of sofas and chairs. We use the best cleaning solutions and the most powerful equipment, which means your carpets will look good, feel soft and smell fresh. I previously worked as an Industrial chemist and the combination of my carpet cleaning experience, 8 years as an industrial chemist and many years of running a cleaning business means I can offer you the very best carpet and upholstery cleaning at a cost effective price. We usually use the hot water extraction method sometimes called deep steam cleaning. This will give you a nice deep clean leaving your carpets clean and fresh. It is also very effective at removing stains and smells caused by bacteria. I have a Truck Mounted carpet cleaning system which will give you carpets which are much cleaner, drier and smell nicer. This is a 15K machine run on LPG which is simply much more powerful than any electric machine can be and will give you the very latest in cleaning performance, giving you brilliant cleaning and fast drying.

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